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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

David - The Homless Simmy 2

So after David woke up all of these random people
were coming out of the building... none of them the
guy who stole David's football!!!!!!!!!

This guy was rather scary, but David doesn't
look impressed :P

So after that I figured it was time to give up.
David was half near dead and was "exhausted"

So he made his way back to his little hideout at
the edges of Twinbrook's swamp.

Poor little David :(

I like watching the scenery, it looks so cool
when it's on the top speed and it's going really
fast. Twinbrook is kind beautiful I guess *tear*

I then decided that David's hideout really wasn't
a hideout so I added some hills around it to make
it look a bit more secretive. I wonder how he'll
survive when Sims 3 Seasons comes out :O

At least he is a bit more protected!

So he woke up, starving, so I decided to have
him fish for some breakfast, but him, being a
stupid sim wasn't in the mood for fishing because
he was "too hungry"
- Well why do you think I have you fishing IDIOT?

Considering he wouldn't fish, he was about to die,
and he had no money what so ever, I sent him
to the junk yard to see if he couldn't get some
quick cash.

I have no idea why he was smiling though...
If I were homeless and starving to death, I don't
think i'd be smiling while riding a bike a 30 mph
without a care in the world... Maybe that's just me.

He did some digging and earned about $37 so
I sent him to the super market to buy some
goodies :P

He got an apple and some trout :D

*Shifty Eyes for burglars*
This is not over Twinbrook burglar!

Then I saw that random lady over there :P

David decided to head off to the park after munching
down on his apple!

He found some seeds. Guess he can plant a garden!
*Sarcastic yay*

Then he had to use the rest room, where he
met his peculiar man named Juan Del Campo.

He looked homeless to so I figured they could be
homeless buddies :D

I don't know why he was in the bathroom
though... seems to me it's a 1 person bathroom...

He also got quite upset when David broke the
toilet. Guess he really liked him some toilet.

After David came out of the little stall thingy
I decided to have him chat ole Juan up for a while.

They talked about... Homeless people stuff...
Ya know!?

I think Juan was excited to have a new friend...

Juan also taught David life lessons...
Like how to mooch and steal, 2 things
David loves to do!

After that Juan left with this creepy pedophile

Then he and David had burnt burgers together!
It was David's lucky day *Must steal burgers!*

Ep 3 Link


卑弥呼 said...

David's story was interesting, his secret hideout looks fun, just imagine what it could be if he goes on more junk searching! I didn't know you could get money from it either, learned something new today :D. I bursted out laughing when you were saying you don't know why he's smiling so hungry,homeless,& bike speed. Invisible swing set with lady ^_^.
That weird man wanted a make-over when I was trying out the Stylist career, I did what I could. He does look creepy X_X.
Did David have a tummy ache after burnt burgers?

Coyadre said...

I think he actually enjoyed the burgers :P

I guess he's not too picky!

Bree said...

lol David is such an interesting sim! That was cute and I love when you were like, "Why do you think I have you fishing IDIOT?" - haha.

Coyadre said...

Haha yea he's stupid but fun none the less!

awesome_phoebe said...

That creepy dude was a stylist in my game...o_O Hard to believe eh?

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