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Saturday, August 14, 2010

David - The Homless Simmy 4

So after a long day of swiping and mooching
David went to sleep.

He woke up to a full morning sun. What
mischief will he get into today...?

The garden is growing too. Yay for gardens :D

He finally decided to eat the bread and jam
that nice lady gave to him. It had since gone
bad though.

But no problem there! Food is food!... Right?

Maybe not.

He had a nice chat with Billy too.
A boy and his lady bug.
Isn't it a beautiful thing!?

David then headed down to the pool place to take
his every once in a while shower.
(I also changed his shirt to make it look more
realistic - But we'll pretend he found it)

His ex-friend Juan was there... being creepy n stuff.

Female Jesus was also there.

I hate him. I think i'll "Dexter the Bear" him

One of the robber guys was there too.
Watch your back buddy... Watch your back!

David looks sad for some reason.
He did swim for a while but I didn't feel like
taking pictures at the moment.

Because he had been making some money from
the junk yard he figured he would treat himself
with a nice fresh cooked meal from the diner.

To make up for it he went back to regain some of
his lost monies

Creepy lady that David lives behind.

It's always so darn foggy down here!
You can see the hills from here too :D

When he woke up the next morning there
was a tree. I guess sim trees grow fast.

It was a slow day so I really didn't take many
pictures. I think he just stayed home and tended
to the garden, fished, talked to Billy, ate stuff, you
know... the usual homeless sim stuff.

So that night to make up for a boring day I
took David down to the beach. His fingers
were fresh and sticky...
Oh my god that sounded terrible :O

Lamp anyone? Sims like lamps :D

That next morning it was back to the gardener's
life. It made him emotional I guess.

He also smelled terrible *probably*
He hadn't shower or bath in a whole day.
I think it's silly because he lives next to a body
of water... and it's pretty deserted where his
little civilization is... But hey, I didn't make this game XP

He found the recipe for the next food sensation though!
Fire roasted lettuce. He eats that a lot these days.
Delicious correct?

He burned it... Like he does with everything else
he attempts to cook.

lol :P

He's looking at me like it's my fault XO

He's putting the umbrella to good use, even though
it doesn't rain in Simland yet. The lamp is to the
left of it. I love this little place. I should upload it
to MTS2 or something...
*Thinks about that for a moment*
Maybe not... It's too special!

He woke up from his nap looking kinda upset.
I guess he was still tired!? Idk i'm not a sim
mind reader ok!

So I apparently sent him back to sleep

Hehe he sleeps with both eyes open :P

Yay apples :D
He's like Johnny Apple Seed or something!


Then he met this random old lady. She gave
him cereal.

Random sneezing picture.


awesome_phoebe said...

...And female jesus


Coyadre said...

Female Jesus FTW :D

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