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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What's this!? Another one?!

If you hadn't noticed, I like bands :P

Here with my newest and third band, Savannah County! This band features two of my countrified sims, Tabitha and Jeb-Nathaniel.
Tabitha is a country queen; a southern belle with a cavalier cowgirl attitude!

Jeb-Nathaniel is an urban cowboy of sorts. He's is no way a tough guy, but he's a country gentleman.

And together they make up "Savannah County"

Tabitha and Jeb aren't a couple, just long time friends with a common love of music. Jeb is shy while Tabitha is a wild child. In a way they compliment one another! They live in the suburban part of Twinbrook. Jeb was raised in the Twinbrook swamps while Tabitha comes from Riverview, a less swampy but just as rural area. Tabitha and Jeb (obviously) are a country band and can be seen performing at one of Twinbrook's 3 town bars. They're not famous yet, but i'll get them there! ;D

Monday, April 25, 2011

Yesterday was Beautiful :D

I hope everyone had a beautiful Easter! I spent the day with my amazing family. We sat out on the porch, talked, laughed, laughed some more, and ate... then laughed some more! It was sunny, warm, and beautiful out. Nothing like a good ole country Easter to bring people together :P

It's late but happy belated Easter!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Just some things i've been doing AND!!!

Well i'll start with the AND first... I've reached 20,000 pageviews and I almost have 100 followers. I never thought this blog would be anything. Not that i'm some huge success in the blogger world, it's just that when I started this blog I never thought i'd get nearly 100 people interested in some of the things I have to say and or show from time to time. Thank you to everyone who visits, follows, and comments, it really does mean something to me :'D

But to get sim related, i've been playing with my band, Dunkin's Playground all this weekend. I think the band system is a little off in terms or realism and well, realism, but i've been enjoying them! Pics?!

I hate to say it, but I kinda enjoy taking these pointless pictures of my sims posing... :P


Awkward again... lol

Hehe no comment :P


Johnson and Tom must have hit it off well... It was so random and hysterical to see two grown *** men dancing like women on a bar counter!!! So funny :'D

Nothing like a little "punch" to keep the night goin strong.

Brice wants to marry Sami... I think it'll mess up the band though because next he'll want 50million kids and aghh I hate children!

Baby free woohoo ftw ;P

I also finally got them a gig! I've never had one of my bands play a gig so it was new for me.

There was a modest amount of sims there. Some of them are in the bathroom or at the bar so you can't see them :P

there are 4 separate urine puddles in the bar, can you spot all 4!?

Sims 3 is devouring my life right now... And I don't necessarily have a problem with it!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Drama, drama, drama.

Today, trying to unwind, I went to visit Thesims3 forum. Drama ensued. Anyone who knows me personally in real life knows that drama is not my thing. i don't like it and don't care to become involved in it. Simply trying to cool over a situation I ended up in the drama.

I really miss how the site use to be. I miss all my old friends from there. For the most part the people there now are immature and ridiculous. I miss Firestar, Chi, Cel, Westie, Vid, both Jakes (Mummy Gaga and Evergreen), Lisaboo, The Real Deal, Repulsive Desire, CeCe, Wednesday, Zeri, Kami, Hamsterlover, Molly, Hugzies, and so many more. It's just extremely hurtful to really have enjoyed something and then see it changed for the worse... :S

Finally addressing this.

I just want to address this and get it off my chest.

My Stories "The Real World: Bridgeport" and possibly "Muervado" will be continued this summer. I realized this a long time ago, the fact that I don't have time for it right now. Summer for me begins June 2nd, so after that I will back on my a-game. Oh yea and my a-game included updated this blog on a regular basis! :D

Thank you :P

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ummm ok then...

So I got up this morning and was in the mood for some simming so I decided to play with my story progression family. I have the Nraas story progression mod, which I love! My extended family finally has children so now my children have cousins to play with and grow up with. But anyway, I was playing and this message popped up at the top

Click on it and read that obnoxiously yellow circled excerpt. O.o
Brooke is now father... ummm ok then story progression....

I actually have nothing wrong with lesbianism or gayness in my game at all, I just thought that was odd and hilarious! :P
I think Brooke is somehow related to my family through marriage or something. She's not a normal guest at the family reunions I throw though lol :3

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fun with poses!

So, like a lot of other simmers i've gotten into taking random pointless pictures of my sims doing these poses for my own personal amusement and such. I've basically only used them with my bands. I would use them more often for other random photoshoots but they're such a pain to use! Grr :P

Ze band "Dunkin's Playground"
Brice, Sami, and Johnson, in that order :P

Sami again, that'ss not a pose, I just think she looks good in this picture!

Posing with her piano

Posing with her piano in a slightly altered position :P


Still Naughty, yet further away this time

The boys, "Dirty Damiens" Skip, Lenny, Tommy, and Milo in the front

Lenny looks possessed and scary...

I don't know why I always have to take a picture of the same pose but slightly further away :P That's just what I do!

Yay, poses are fun!

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