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Monday, August 29, 2011

忍 - Part 2

Morning comes after the lone shinobi suits up in anticipation for more violence and bloodshed. He lies thinking to himself. He know he has to leave.

He knows he has to leave behind the place he calls home. It's not much, but a shunned shinobi can't expect much

He stretches and prepares himself.
The shinobi walks through the thick bamboo forest not total sure where he is going or where to look for Makuri.
Mayhausu finds a small piece of paper with tiny scribblings in Japanese.
He bends down and reads the note. It says "You don't stand a chance. You are not invincible but Genshi is!"
Show yourself you red beast! I know it's you! I do not fear you.

He waits for his enemy to appear



The shinobi swiftly jumps out of the way of the attacker.

Wait! I do not wish to fight you. Who are you!? What do you want!?

But I wish to hurt you! No more idle chit chat; now you die!

So be it. I will not let you defeat me. 

Let fight!

The two ninjas battle


Ahhhhhh!! I've been pierced!
This is it shinobi... You've... haha... you've one the fight... but not the battle!
これは...あなたは...ハハ... 1つの戦いしました...ではなく、戦い

What do you mean?! What are you talking about you fool?!
Hahaha! Oh my friend. You'll come to find that you and I aren't invincible... but my friend here is...

You're friend...? But you come alone. Are you mad?! You must be put out of your misery.

No he will not be. You on the other hand shall be crushed!

 Halt! Who are you?!

 I am Genshi.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

My new laptop!

I'm so excited I got a new laptop! It's so nice and the Sims 3 looks great on it; a lot better than on my desktop! It's a Sony Vaio and has ATI Radeon Graphics and I love it =D

My new graphics in action








I'm gonna like this!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Just letting you guys know.

So if you live in America and definitely if you live on the east coast you've heard about Hurricane Irene. From what the television is telling me it's coming straight to where I live. This being said I may or may not be seriously effected by the storm. We just don't know how severe it will be.

Basically what i'm saying is I might have to leave and not be a part of the community for a while or I might be here next week, it all depends on how the storm is feeling this weekend :P But seriously I just wanted to let you all know!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

New layout.

Well my blog has a new layout. I'm not sure how long i'm going to leave it like this, not sure if I like it or not... We'll see!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The broken shinobi, Myahausu, sit beside the lake. Calm, peaceful, reliving his worst nightmare..

Myahausu, help me! Help me!  
His forbidden love, Makuri the daughter of the prominent Takahashi family, was captured. Already a hated member of his small village for his love affair with Makuri, the shinobi Myahausu, was forced into hiding due to threats of being burned at the stake for the capturing and presumed murder of Makuri. Myahausu did not capture Makuri, and knows she cannot be dead. Her takers wanted something and he's going to find out if it's the last thing he does.

He thinks to himself, how could i have let them take her?! Why did they take her?!

*Rustling through the trees* Myahausu

Who dare tread this path!? 

 So you are THEE Myahausu... Not very impressive  
だから、Myahausuです... 非常に印象的ではない

Who are you? What are you?!

 It is but I! Your one true love Makuri   

You are not Makuri! You are nothing but a demon! Let her go!

 I just wanted a little kiss...

but you want to go the hard way! Prepare to meet your end maggot!

Not until I find her! The real Makuri!

You'll never get through me you imbecile!

Are you ready to give in you fool?!


                      The young shinobi looses his grip in the heat of the moment and falls to the ground.

 No.... Makuri....

You had your chance to go the easy way. Now your head becomes an ornament!

Makuri speaking: Myahausu darling... I know you can hear me. I have faith in you. Don't stop here!

Myahausu swiftly jumps to his feet catching the winged beast off guard.

You thought I was going to let you kill me?

Unhand my staff you heathen!

Now i'll show you the wrath of a true shinobi!

He thrusts his katana into the beast's kimono and she falls to the ground.

 Shinobi.... this is not the last of me... Beware; everywhere you go, everything you do, ever person you met, I will be there.
She gradually fades away into the Earth.

Where are you you coward beast!? I will kill you right here!
He stands awaiting the beast's return, but she never comes back to face him. He is anxious, but it subsides as the sun sets.

The shinobi eats his fish and prepares himself for sleep... He rests tonight, but nothing will stop his search for his beloved Makuri...

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