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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jordan Thames

My 3rd post of the day... Now this is just getting out of hand :P

Since generations i've been making a lot of teen sims to get on their sim parents nerves. Here is one I made earlier out of boredom. His name is Jordan Thames (Yes like the river)

Jordan is a pseudo rebel. He's "rebellious", a party animal, a vegetarian, and a jokster. He's plenty of fun. I would upload his grandpa, but old people are no fun :P

Download Link here

CC used

*Note - You will need Generations, or his hair, top, and rebellious trait will be replaced.


Sackgirl said...

Good looking sim. I suck at making teens, i always find their body comes out too thin. I must really play around with the shoulder sliders more. Downloading your sim. Thanks. I think his hair and glasses go really well with his face structure.

Coyadre said...

Thanks for downloading. I often find that I have problems with teens bodies also. I feel like the default body they have is misshapen so the hip and waist slider is almost necessary. I guess it's just learning how much slider is good enough :D

Candy Lover said...

I love him! He is really cute. I love his earrings and his glasses too, they go really well with his face.

Coyadre said...

Gracias :D

Candy Lover said...

De nada :)

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