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Saturday, December 31, 2011

My game = UGH!

Hello blog! I haven't been around here for a bout a week or so... mainly because I haven't played the Sims 3 in a week or so, reason being because it is giving me sooo much trouble! I'm having a glitch problem that I believe the pets patch brought on. My sims keep complaining that there is something in their way despite the fact there in a huge open space.

Because of that I have given up on trying to enjoy the Sims 3 until a new patch comes... or something. So much for trying to revive my blog right now... Can't even play the darn game! *Shakes fist in fury*

I've been replacing my need to play sims by playing other games like DDR, Just Dance, Kirby, Kotor and other games most people don't play. I'll be waiting for you to fix your problems sims 3 pets! I would uninstall and reinstall and leave pets off but that's too much work :S

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Chronicles of Mitcha

So i've been playing with my favorite sim in the whole wide world, Mitcha. He's been calming his life down since that last time I posted pictures of him on this blog, which was ages ago!

Anyway, commence picture spam!

I liked this picture of him so I added it. Those vampire eyes are so shimmery O.O
Mitcha was on a date but that paparazzi bitch in that thought bubble was harassing poor old Mitcha. I guess that's what you get when you're a celebrity...

Stalker status...

The next day he took his doggy Killer for a walk to the park

I really like that coat thing. It's very gothy vampire-esque

It took like that whole day to get there because he lives next door to Gobias Koffi and Killer decided he wanted to crap on the side walk like 50 times and you know they just have to stop every 2 seconds like idiots. Nonetheless they made and look who was there. That damned paparazzi hoochie!

Stalker much?

She was snapping pics left and right, even pics of poor Killer.

Killer was thoroughly pissed.

Then this guy needed an autograph

Mitcha is a nice guy so he went ahead and made that guys life!
After that annoying afternoon Mitcha and Killer headed on home. By the time they got there it was 2 in the morning and they were both stuck behind some idiotic invisible wall, causing me to become quite pissed. Moveobjects on helps though I guess...

Stay tuned for more interesting excerpts from Mitcha's life :P

Saturday, December 10, 2011

David - The Homeless Simmy (The Latter Years)

This is the continuing story of a homeless sim by the name of David. He lives in the swamps of Twinbrook behind a small rift of tiny mountainous hills
David has been homeless since he was a teenager

But obviously he doesn't mind too much, or is use to it. Or maybe he's just crazy? The world may never know

He lives with his pets ants. Aren't they just the cutest?

He mainly lives off of fish and fresh fruits and veggies he grows. That's why he's so boney!

This is his modest home. It consists of a beat up couch, an old dresser, a beach umbrella to shield him from the elements at night, a box to put stuff on, a stack of hay, a stolen bike, a little kettle grill thing, a clothesline, his ants, some balls, and two bowls. He's an animal lover and is always open to strays!

Because David is poor and lives off the land he has to do anything for a bit of money.

Mainly he scavenges for stuff at the junk yards. Think of all the ticks in those weeds... *shutters*

Oooo a pipe to beat the predators away with!

For what ever reason there is a little kitchen at the big junk yard in Twinbrook. It's a nice way to scavange food. Too bad you can't put snacks in the inventory though...

David choking. That's what you get when you steal guys...

Well anyway, it's always nice to get a nice processed meal but to survive David has to grow and catch his own food.

Like so.

Beggers can't be choosers I guess.

He loves grilled salmon btw. I think that was a salmon he caught... Oh who cares what sims like!

I have no idea why he did this...

Awww nothing like sleeping outside in the wilderness by the campfire right?

he looks drunk or high... or maybe both? Obviously rancid though.

Takin care of the crops

Catching breakfast

He's really picky about his fish I guess.

I think he can smell himself. No idea why they added all that beautiful water if you can't swim in it. Or in his case, bathe in it!

Yummy yummy fish in his tummy :D Must taste bad or something

I really want to find some strays for him to love and treat like family. Those bowls are lonely over there. When do animals start to spawn anyway?

Majestic *Tear*

Well David managed to scrap up 92 simoleons so I sent him to the equestrian place to see if he could afford a horse

No luck. I would have him adopt but what kinda homeless guy calls up the shelter and is like "Hey send me a horse b-otch!" Who would give a homeless guy a horse anyway? lol
That next day I sent him to the park to see if he could steal anything. Unfortunately for him there were too many townsfolk out. But he did catch sight of a little bugger

Aww look at the little thing
Fail! lol

Wtf are you doing bud?

What a wimp :P

Later he decided to go to the beach. Nice umbrella for the taking

Too many hideous ea made sims lurking again.

Especially this old chick creeping. Without saying, he was unable to steal it because that old hag had be stalkin and stuff. I should have fought her, that woulda been hilarious... Well to me anyway

After 2 uneventful days for David he returned to the swamp, found som seeds, and went to sleep. I'm gonna get him a horse if it kills be. Hopefully a unicorn with a beard! *Evil laugh*

Friday, December 9, 2011

Blog revival

Hello followers! I just wanted to make a quick blog post saying that I plan to do a full revival of my blog and the things I do here. If you hadn't noticed, I seldom update and don't always have the time to respond to comments like I use to. Well that's ending!

I am going to continue uploading sims as i've been doing here and there but I also plan on continuing some stories of mine. Mainly David: The Homeless Simmy and The Unusual Life of Coyadre. They're continuation of older stories that I had a lot of fun doing! I decided not to continue my other stories (that some have been asking about) because they either took too much CC or too much time. And plus, I want to do stories I have fun with and don't look at as chores. So bare with me, more sims, stories, pictures, and etc coming soon!

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