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Friday, July 22, 2011

Tennesse Coye

So here I am again with another upload. I've been busy so i've been letting my blog do its own thing lately. But not too busy to drop in with a new sim!

I made Tennesse a long time ago but with a different name. I stopped playing with him though and left him in my CAS bin to rot away. That is until today!

Tennesse is a simpleton plain and... well... simple. He's childish, loves jokes, and is a klutz! But on the other side he loves music and aspires to be the front man of a band someday.


Download Link here

Hair - Converted by me using the CTU tool @ MTS2 
Pants - amBottom004

The Eyes are by Subaxi - subaxi_etoileyes_replacement.package. I can't find them on any official site.
Same with the eyebrows by twilight - AsianEyebrows1_by_twilight.package

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

OMG (Worst/Best day of my life!)

So finally, last night around 11, my sister was born! It was literally one of the most surreal moments ever standing outside of a room waiting for something you've been waiting for all these months to come. But she came after a 16 hour stint at the hospital yesterday... Yikes!

During those 16 hours I probably gain a couple pounds due to the fact I ate terribly yesterday. I'm a vegan so really what do I get to eat in the hospital other than a boring salad? Lets see... Crackers with peanut butter, a package of nutter butters, french fries, fritos, and oreo cookies! What a delight right?! Mmmm maybe if I wasn't health conscious being that I lost a huge amount of weight 4 years ago I wouldn't have minded.

But other than that I enjoyed luxuries such as, free water, television, lots of warm towels, the beautiful view from the hospital room (sarcasm... much sarcasm), hospitality from (most) of the workers, and all of those other great amenities you get in a hospital.

But back to her. She has my mother's eyes, lips, and complexion it seems like, and her father's (she's my half sister) nose and huge head :P She is cute though and I think she likes me already, but we'll see when she gets a little older hehe. But yea, that's how yesterday happened... I'm exhausted but happy :D

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunset Bar (No CC!)

Hey guys, i'm here with my first custom building with the Sims 3 EVER!!! But anyway I was bored the other day and I thought, "I'm really sick of Ea's bars and clubs!" So I wanted to make my own. I'm really proud of it and I actually enjoy going to it so I figured i'd upload it.  

A nice little bar native to Sunset Valley including a nice atmosphere with a great amount space, lots of tables for dining, 3 bars with tons of seating, bar decorations, a great bathroom area, 3 double doors up front for easy access in and out, parking spaces, and a stage with band equipment along with 3 seperate dance floor mats!


Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Real World: Bridgeport (Episdoe 5)

Sorry to everyone that is a fan of this series. I got really of track and I apologize. But regardless I hope you like all the trashy drama XD

The Real World: Bridgeport (Ep 5)

Caution: This program contains frequent coarse language and a few adult situations, viewers discretion is advised.

Previously on the Real World

 Kierra: Cory! Git out the street boy! It's traffic!

 I'm sick of people treatin me like i'm 2 years old or something...

These people just can't control themselves...
It's actually getting really annoying.

So I see the purfiyct opportunity ta shouw Casi i'm iyntrested!  
It is time for operation make Casi fall in love with Briynt!

I know what Brent's up to, but i'm not caving for him! 

So me n Casi are iyn the hot tub

n ahm defintly ready for thiys!
I decided to talk to Nathan about what happened with 
Brent last night since he's one of the few people who 
still like me in the house and Brent's his best friend in the house.

Well it's obvious you two gotta thing for each other. 
He's just not super aggressive and you is playin hard to get
like a typical female!

I just don't know how to feel cuz Brent is funny, and charming,
polite, and handsome, but he's also like a brother. Hell, he acts just
like my real brother back in New York!

This is the true story!

Kierra: "B**** get outta my face!"

Of  8 people
Brent: "Where are we raght now!?"
Picked to live in a house

Casidy: Oh Heeeell no!
Work together!
And have their lives taped.
Regina's: "Are ya'll serious raght now!?"
To find out what happens
Chris: Oh my God you people are so immature!
Whiyn people stahp bein palaght.
And staht geyttin real!
Ashton: I f****in hate you guys right now!

All: The Real World: Bridgeport!

 Regina: Hello? Who's thiys?
Carlos: Hey, this is Cassidy's bruta Carlos, can I tahk to hu?
Regina: Oh jus a minute hon!

 Ay Casi, ya gots a call!

Cassidy: Hey who is this?
 Carlos: Ya bruta! Who else?
Cassidy: Oh hey babe what's up?!
Carolos: Quiero verte hermana! (I want to see you)

Cassidy: You're gonna come out here to see me?!
 Carlos: Claro! Te extraño! (Definitely! I miss you!)
 Cassidy: Pues... Dime cuando. (Well tell me when)
Carlos: Manana? (tomorrow)
Cassidy: Bueno! (Ok) Nice talking to you, can't wait to see you
Carlos: Bueno, hasta pronto. (Good, see you soon.)

I love my brother Carlos so i'm ecstatic that he's coming to see me!

Mr. Flozgjski, nice to see you again! You remember Misa Debra Ups, no?

Yes, nice to see you both Mr.Cienna and Mrs. Ups!

Yes, we've been very excited to get you back here! We think you have an exceptional quality that we are attracted to.

 Baht first tings first, me ana Misa Ups talk about de hair las time after you leave, and we bot agree we vant ita cut a lita bit.
Umm ok... I think we can do that...

You know, i'm really flattered that they're interested in me, but cut my hair...  

Both Giovanni and I both agree Cory has a great face and is definitely a model we would be interested in. He is in great shape, he's level headed, he has very nice features. Even if he doesn't necessarily do any work with us he will be a great model!

Ay Brent! Getcha lil country self ova here!

I know Casi prolly didn't want me to tell 
Brent bout the talk we had... but Brent's mah boy. 
I couldn't just let em go out like dat!

 Hey um Brent... I didn't wanna have to be the one to
tell you this. But me n Casi was talkin, and she basically told
me she wasn't feelin you like that...

 Oh really...
I really rispect thayt Nathan told me bout Casi trahin ta play me!
But what she dundn't know iys 2 kin play thayt game!

Hey guys, come get a load-a me!

 Oh... wow... You finally got rid of all that hair!

 Ohh mah! You jus look so scrumptious wif dat hair-a yurs cut!

You look great hon! Go head wif ya bad sef!

I guess my roommates we're feeling my hair before like I thought... But it's what ever. I'm still a sexy beast!

Hey, What y'all planning ta do night!? I'm ready ta hyt the club fur real y'all!

 Mmm count me out. I've been hit on by enough slutty bartenders for a week!

 Well i'm just gonna stay in too. My brother's coming tomorrow and I don't wanna have a hangover when he gets here.

Wew Hell! Ah'm gone!

Me too bud! I'm ready to get hammered!

Brent!? I thought you'd wanna stay and hang out with me tonight!

Fur what?! I aint no fool Casi!

Well me and Ashton are stayin in tanight too y'all!

Imma go, I just gotta finish dis game-uh chess right quick...

Ok wep imma lyt thys drama marinade n go head n call the taxi ya hear? 

I'm really feeling some type of way now that Brent is talking like this... I really need to know what's up.

Brent what's goin on? Toulk ta me.

Nuthin's goin on, ah'm jus gittin mah sef ready fur a drama free naght aght. 

 Seriously? You're gonna act like this?
 Guess so sweety...

Ok whateva. It's not even worth the frustration right now.
See the thang bout it is, Casi dudn't know I know what I know, n til she does know she aint gon know.

 So we gyt to da club n eyvrethang is poppin! The musyc, the bar, eyvrethang!

 You know we up in da club, dancing, havin a goot time or whateva. But next thing I know, Brent is mackin on some cute lil blonde chick! Dat's my boy right there man!

Hey, hiya dawn! Ah'm Briynt.

(In British accent) Ello, i'm Matilder. Pleasua to meet you!

Ay Nathan, ya see Briynt ova there workin is suthun charm on dat one?

Ya know, Briynt is doin is thang n havin a good tahme. I'm notta c*** blocka but i'm wonderin wat Casi's gone think wiyn she giyts word ah dis y'all!

 So, uh, what was goin on with you and Brent earlier?

 I've got no idea... He was just acting sooo weird for no reason. I didn't do anything to him.

 Oh come on girl, I know there's SOME reason.

 Well I did talk with Nathan the other day. I told him Brent was like a brother to me so I couldn't really see myself going any further with him.

 So there you go, that's why he's acting different! Duh Casi.

 But Nathan wouldn't do that to me. We're too close for that.

Come on Casi, their basically connected at the hip! You know Nathan told him as well as I do.

Chris is probably right... but I really just don't want to believe it at this point.

 So are you comin home wif me tanaght?

Most Definitely!

 Thys chick Matilda is hawt n she's comin home wif me tanaght fur sure!

 I see sumbady hayd themselves a nace naght huh?!

 Ya know it!

Hey y'all, we're back!

Hey, come up stairs wif me. 
Matilda: Ok!

So Brent brings home this blonde bimbo whore and i'm livid!

 Ay, whatch'all been upta?

 Gina, who's that girl Brent brought home?

 Oh Matilda? Sum girl e meyt at the club. I actchally thank thur up stairs raght now!

Oh my God really?!

You know, I didn't realize she cared this much about Brent. I feel really bad for her. But i also didn't think Brent would stoop so low to hurt her.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic 
(Sexual Noises)

Are you serious!? Brent is upstairs f*****' some whore he 
met at the club to get back at me. Obviously Nathan 
told him about our talk. Just two more people in the house I
don't respect. I really just can't wait for my brother to get here...

Cassidy: Hey who is this?
Carlos: It's me baby!
Cassidy: Great! Where are you?
Carlos: Estación veinticuatro (Station 24)
Cassidy: Bueno, ya voy! (Ok, i'm coming!)

I adore my brother so I really hope he can help me get away from all this drama while he is here.

Hey Stranger!

Casi, you look great!

Oh you too hermano!

 Pues, how has it been here in Bridgeport?!

I've been going through a lot of s*** here... I shoulda just stayed in New York.

 I just can't win with anybody here!

 Bueno, it's not about winning. It's about havin a good time, sabes? (you know?)
Yea... I guess you're right.


Next Week on the Real World!

 Hey everybody! My brother is here!

Hey bro, i'm Ashton!

Hey, i'm Briynt!

Carlos: So what's up dude? You're that guy my sister's crazy about!
Brent: Yea I guess

So I see Brent and my brother talking, and i'm pissed about it! Does this m***** f***** not realize if my brother knew all the shit he put me through he would knock his a** out?!

Nathan, I don't know who the h*** you think you are, but how dare you go behind my back like a little b**** and tell Brent about what I said!

Why would I let Brent sit up here and waste his time trying to get you to like him if you told me you don't wanna be wif the boy?! You crazy psycho a** b****!

Ay man what's your problem!? Don't talk to my f****** sister like that bro!

Look, if ya sister wasn't a psycho b**** I wouldn't have to. I don't know how she acts when you're around her but dis b**** right here is out-uh her d*** mind!
I told you once, i'm not gonna tell you twice. I'll just punch you in the f******* mouth "homie"

Oh my God please don't fight!

Well do it "ese!"

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