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Friday, March 23, 2012

Mitcha has invaded The Sims 2

My all time favorite sim from TS3 has been transported over to TS2 for my simming pleasure. I give you the chronicles of Mitcha, TS2 addition!

Well there he is. In TS3 he was a businessman and a rock star. In TS2 I had made him the same thing but I forgot how much fun running businesses were so he retied from his rock star-ness and became a full fledged businessman. I created this really cool bar/nightclub/restaurant thingy for him to run initially. It took a while to get it up and going but after a few unhappy employees quitting and a few firings it's running smoothly.  I think it's ranked level 4 right now. It's not as successful as the clothing store he owns though. It makes a lot more money! I know how to run Sims 2 businesses like a boss

I didn't have a reference picture to base him off of so I just went willy-nilly into CAS and made a sim that looked like how I remembered him looking. Long face, brown shaggy hair, square jaw olivish skin, blue eyes. I guess he looks close enough. I didn't really care for perfection, as long as he looked kinda the same and had the same name I was good.
TS3 Mitcha... I forgot I had given him plugs now that I see him. I'll have to go correct that.

Well anyway, I was playing around with him and if you haven't read my other posts about his life, he's a Casanova. In TS3 I had him run around Sunset Valley, then Bridgeport, then Sunset Valley again and shag everything legal to shag. It was quite the experience seeing random sims all over the place that were in love with him. With TS2 it's even more hilarious because they seem more expressive than S3 sims. You know how they do the whole "omg that sim is so hot" interaction and do the call me thing with their hands. I missed that stuff! And in turn he does that "omg that sim is hideous like wtf" expressions. Hysterical if I don't say so myself. I had his current fling take this goofy picture of him. I  had forgotten how silly TS2 was. Their poses were way better than the pose boxes :P I think I gave the picture to the chick as a present. Conceded much?! 

I think this was a couple days later. He had invited the chef from his restaurant, Jan Tellerman (i'm sure we all remember her) over so he could get to know her better, if you know what I mean by that... She brought this cowboy hat wearing lady though for what ever reason. So I figured, why not have him hit on her. No sim can resist Mitcha anyway so it's inevitable right? I was so very wrong. Apparently she though he was gross.. Is 200,000 plus simoleons and a huge freakin mansion gross to you lady?!

All he wanted was a little lovin' but no. Mitcha was obviously confused and taken aback by his in ability to woo this cow-lady.

Ladies and gentleman, this is what defeat looks like.

Oh and this is embarrassment and shame. Is it just me or does she have a weird face?

So what do you do when someone rejects you? Go around talking about how much you hate them.. I'm sure if that comes before or after getting your elbow stuck in the staircase though

But since that one was too hard to catch Jan will have to do for Mitcha... For now anyway I guess. Do you think it's weird to hit on your head-chief? I guess it's only as weird as you make it.

I lol'd really hard at his face when all of this was happening! Why does he have to look like that!? And look at his creepy arthritis hand...

That awkward moment when your boss fondles you... and you like it. Sorry, I couldn't resist!

It's funny because this probably happens all the time. Oh inappropriate boss/employee relationships

-Well that was my fun time playing with Mitcha yesterday... Until next time :D

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Woah what's that about?!


Well this is odd. I haven't been here in a while and with reason. My relationship with the Sims 3 has been quite tumultuous lately and to be blunt I haven't been wanting to play it. I'll start it up here and there and play for a while some days but pn most I don't feel like it. I have, however rekindled my flame with the Sims 2. Thus the reason i've renamed my blog from "Coyadre's Sims 3 Blog" to "Coyadre's Sims Blog". I'm not planning on turning this into a Sims 2 blog but I want to start adding Sims 2 related things to this blog since i'm playing it regularly again, making it a mutual Sims blog. I changed my banner too as you can see. That's my Sims 2 version of Mitcha. If you frequent this blog you know who that is :P

-Until next time!

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