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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Francisco Delcavi

Hello all! This is my new sim Francisco Delcavi. He's the first sim I made after reinstalling my game last week and he's the only sim i've been playing with actually. So I figured before I got too attached and didn't want anyone else to have a replica of him i'd upload him. So here he is! He's an aspiring rock star in my game? What will he become in yours?!


Body sliders
Facial sliders
Facial hair
Awesomemod &/or Mastercontroller for increased sliders


Sackgirl said...

He looks like the actor type and he's cute!

Coyadre said...

Thanks. I'm glad you think he's cute. I was thinking he was gonna look too generic :S

Chicago said...

I hope you see this!! Anyway to the point of me dropping by... I missed you hun! How's everything going? College...or am I too early? How's your baby sister doing?

Lets meet at Chipotles for lunch to catch up. Love ya! *hugs*

awesome_phoebe said...

Your sims are always the cutest Coyadre :)

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