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Monday, December 6, 2010

Lady Gaga (Pics + DL Link)

DL Link - http://www.mediafire.com/?rit26nv269b59aa

This is my Lady Gaga sim. She comes fully GaGa'd with all her outfits. I don't think any of them contain any CC except for her underwear, which I will leave a link for along with all the other CC used to make her. Her traits are: Good, Star Quality, Flirty, Dramatic, and if I am remembering correctly Ambitious. Her lifetime Wish is to be a Rock Star!

CC used

Lipstick - Subaxi 
Eyebrows -Twilight
Underwear - Marcos Edson (MTS2)
Sliders - Jonha (MTS2) + The "Extended Game Core" By BaXiM (Sexy Sims)
It offers high Slider Range and Count, but another mod that does the same thing can be used instead.

Other Things To Note

You will need Late Night, Ambitions, and World Adventures for all the various hairs and accessories I used to make her. Obviously they aren't necessary though :P

Have fun =D


Drapes said...

This is great! I haven't seen your work in a while since I haven't been on in .. well.. since a long time! Keep it up buddd (:

Coyadre said...

Wow where have you been!?!?
*Gives virtual internet hug*
I haven't seen you around since this summer!

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