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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. and Mrs. Rhett Fields!

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Field family. 100% Southern style! Mr. Rhett Fields is a young yet important politician in Twinbrook and is husband to stay at home wife Mrs. Jolene Fields, a southern belle. (She's inspired by that famous Dolly Parton song! Go look it up!) Together they are Mr. and Mrs. Fields. They live in a luxurious Victorian manor in Eastern Twinbrook and enjoy activities such as, going to the beach, eating at the fanciest restaurants, having children, and being refined and friendly people.

Mrs. Jolene is very neat, loves to cook for Mr. Rhett, and is a schmoozer. She also loves gossiping with her friends and painting! Mrs. Jolene is a master of persuasion with her eyes of emerald green and her polite southern demeanor.

Mr. Rhett fields is a perfectionist. He's also smart with his hard earned money. He won't take no for an answer and gets what he wants when he wants it! He's not athletic but enjoys watching football with his other rich, southern baptist friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Fields are very happy together and are planning on having their first child soon, preferable a boy, who will play lots and lots and lots of football...

Anyway, I was feeling in a "character making" mood so I decided i'd do something a little different. A family with a theme! i think there gonna be a lot of fun! Expect to see more of Mr. and Mrs. Rhett Fields =P

Friday, January 28, 2011

Like father like sons!

So I was playing with the Tyler family, my "Story Progression Family" and decided i'd take a few family photos!

I've mainly been playing with Demarcos, the dark haired one, but his brother Porfirio (far right) has been having babies with this wife!

Porfirio and Chaco look just alike to me!

I think D looks kinda like his dad did when he was younger :P

Good times in Sunset Valley =D

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Coyadre is happy!

It finally decided to snow! It hasn't snowed nice and good since the day after Christmas but tonight it looks like were getting a nice piece of snow here! It's so excruciating to hear about all the snow in the North, and the South, and the Mid West, and every where else in America but here! But it's finally doing SOMETHING!

And it doesn't take much for school to be canceled around here, so i'm pretty sure i'll be home tomorrow, which is why i'm making a blog post this late on a week day night! Have you guys seen any snow this season where you live!? I know some of you definitely have!

 Edit: This is a video I took on my phone last night! I was excited :P
That's my car all the way to the right btw =D

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dunkin's Playground, The fun place to play!

That sounded cheesy... makes me think of pizza...

But anyway, hello all! I was taking a break from being awesome (joking) and decided to make a blog post! I've been playing with my band "Dunkin's Playground" ALL day long! No joke! They've been very entertaining. I took some pictures of them in all their glory and awesomeness!

As always, the Blond is Brice, he's the lead! He plays guitar and is the foxy ladies man. He name is Sami Girl! She plays the piano, like the chick from Cobra Starship! She usually has on a lot of dark make-up with crazy highlighted hair but I cleaner her up and gave her a bit of a make-over. And our dread-head is Johnson. he's the newest edition. (after I gave Brian the boot) He plays drums and is Brice's right hand man!

They're a good time! God, I watch too much Jersey Shore... *Shakes head and puts face in palm*

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Buenas Buenas (And Sims!)

Hello, it's Coyadre. I was in the mood for a good ole blog post today! Well this early morning rather.

Before I start I wanted to mention a side note, (I know I said I would picking the Real World back up this week (for those of you who read it) but honestly, I have no time what so ever! The semester is coming to an end, I have projects due, I have class work to do, tests to study for! It's all too much... Therefore The Real World's the last thing on my mind when I have free time! I'm not abandoning it, just extending my already extended break from it.)

But anyway, i've been playing with my story progression family and things sure are progressing!
Do you guys remember Demarcos and Porfirio? Well they've grown up to YA's!


And P

Porfirio's older so he grew up first! Looks a lot like his dad!

Then Demarcos grew up a few days later!

Demarcos' girlfriend Mia grew up too. I think she's really pretty!

I guess they're in love :P

But, we all know this couldn't be a Coyadre picture post without the infamous Mitcha!
Still being a vampire...

Target selected.
Now... Fun time!

That's all I have to say... Goodbye now :P

Thursday, January 6, 2011

just to let you guys know!!!

so i had a couple things i wanted to let you guys know

1. i will be continuing the real world bridgeport this week! i know i havent done it about a month. but ive been very busy. but now im not. so i have the time now to continue it! yay!

2. im really happy because ive decided where i want to go to college. im planning on going to bowie state university in the baltimore area. mainly because they offer the degree i want, my cousins goes there, and my mom is preggers and i want to be close to home. but not too close.

i guess thats really it! bye guys.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A bit confused...

Si I went to go play The sims 3 tonight, and that pesky yet helpful message saying that you have a mod that's not up to date. Fine. But the thing is, I haven't downloaded anything new... and I downloaded the new patch about 3 days ago and i've played fine since that point. Although all this is true I went and updated my mods anyway. I fixed all the problems in the Dashboard thingy by Delphy and i'm still getting this message! I took out my mods folder including all my custom content... still getting the message. I took out the downloads folder... still coming...

At this point i'm confused. Everything is up to date,  I haven't downloaded anything new, but it won't stop :( So as of right now i'm playing anyway. I backed up my stuff just in case. I don't know what this game's problem is tonight... :S

Happy New Years!

I was alseep when the new year came around (Cuz I need my sleep) and also because i'm not a big "celebrator"

But regardless, Happy New Years! I'm eating my first meal of 2011 (Pizza) and i'm about to go make my first sim of the new year. Probably a guy with brown hair and a beard... or something :P

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