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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

David - The Homless Simmy 3

So it turns out Juan had some kind of personality
disorder and flipped out on David...
What a meanie right!?

Naturally, David was upset.

But he wasn't standing for such abuse
(If only teens and Adults could fight!!!)

I sent him home for the night
But the next day he was back at the park
doing... David stuff. Like mooching off this
really ugly lady! She gave him a dollar and
some bread with jam.

After that it was back to the exploring.
Sometimes I feel like i'm playing an rpg or
something... Go figure!

David found some more seeds and ran back
home to plant them.

I guess he likes gardening?

I think he got his hand stuck :P

He went back to the park though
(He really gets his cardio in from all this bike riding)

And he found a new friend! Aww :D

We'll name the little bugger later!
(Did you get my pun!?)
hehe :P

Then David j walked.

And found ole sunflower land here.

It turned out to be a cabin, and not the magical
sunflower land I had expected :(

But I figured since there was a random cabin
with all this stuff in it, I might as well have
David crash for a while!

I think he liked it... But I know he would rather
be in the swamps!

Ohh who am I kidding!? He would stay here
if it were up to him! I'm just an evil little simmer
*Muah haha*

Then this lady came in...

I guess she didn't mind there was a strange,
dirty, teenaged boy in her cabin :P

Then she kind just left.

After David woke up I figured he might as well
get himself a nice meal while he was there.
At least we know where to get free food now!

David was happy!
He was fed, well rested, and was getting all the
cardio anyone would ever want!

But then he randomly cried... o.O
Maybe he misses his non-existent family?

Nothing a little swiping wouldn't fix though!

He had his eye set on this grill thingy

But no. Things weren't over yet.
Just 1 more steal, no?

Hehe park bench is mine :P

Now lets get out of here before the popo shows

The boy done good today!

It was foggy :O

I guess he's content for now.

He got a new friend named Billy

and he found more seeds so he doesn't have to
keep stealing food... Well, so he can cut down on

David's little enclave is getting more homie
I guess! Hehe this is fun :P

Ep 4 Link


awesome_phoebe said...

Your making me want to play a homeless sim again :)

Coyadre said...

Homeless sims are surprisingly fun :P

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