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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Muervado 7 (Season Finale - Part 2!)

This is the second half or the season finale of "Muervado"
This has been a great season so far and I really enjoyed
writing it and the feedback I got from many of you.
Thanks for the support, I appreciate it :)

About 20 minutes passed after the proposition that was made by the young Peruvian woman that the boys had met earlier that morning. The sun was completely up.

Oye! Gringuito ju hev bean in de batroom for aboat twenynte minute! Cem to me señorito!

Michael was both excited and nervous, he was not very experienced.

"Ayy ju finally comb, i hev bean waiting for ju for berry long time señorito!"
She was just as nervous as Michael and was just as experienced as he was also.

He calmly sat down and took a deep breath.

"Ju are berry handsum mi señor, like de man oov my dream!"
He was speechless

She began to seduce Michael

As she began to lock lips with him she released a small dosage of a foreign liquid into Michael's mouth from the small bottle that stood on the nightstand

Michael pulled away quickly
"What the hell was that!"
She kept calm, not to foil her and her friend's plan.
"It iz Peruvian ahfrodisiek, like a loov potion!"

"If there is one thing about South America that I love, it's their bat-shit crazy women who are willing to do anything with anybody! Wait till Dave hears about this!"
He thought to himself, not thinking of any repercussions.

Within a couple of minutes, Michael was unconscious, he had nothing to steal, but that wasn't her intention to begin with.
She simply got up, clothed herself and left him.

After being unconscious for about 11 hours Michael woke, confused and disoriented.

He got off the bed and had no idea where he was or how he got there.
He slowly began toward the window.

He saw several creatures standing below the window, he studied them for quite sometime and came to the realization that they weren't "normal"

While he stood in awe one glanced up toward the window at him.
He knew he had to get out of the hotel

He ran from the room, forgetting his clothing but making sure nothing was following

He reached the ground floor of the hotel. He saw the mysterious beasts, but one was missing from the pack. He decided to step out quietly and carefully.

He bumped the entrance door, upsetting the creature that he failed to realize was behind the door he walked out of.
She screamed, her eyes like black holes of destruction.
Michael was afraid at any moment he would be sucked in, but instead of thinking about the possibilities he began to run for his life.

He never turned to see if the creatures still followed him. Although his short term memory was gone he still knew how to run for his life.

The creatures chased after him for only a short time. Although they didn't look entirely human they possessed no super powers that made them 5 star athletes.
Michael stalled them out and continued running. His high school track career was paying off.

After running nearly 3 blocks he found a small path way that led up a mountain. Figuring none of the odd, deadly beasts were up there, he decided to take shelter there until day came.

Michal went up the path and passed out moments later.

That next morning....

A young man named Michael Fitzgerald woke up, dazed and confused as to where he was...

I hope everyone has enjoyed the season!
Like I said at the top i've had a lot
of fun writing this. The next season will
probably not be out for a while but it will be continued.
I will be working on the second season of my other
story "Seeing With No Eyes" and possibly
some other projects! Stay tuned ;)

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