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Sunday, August 8, 2010

There Will Be Spikes... 2 new sims

Here are my 2 new sims, Estevan and Dean!

Unlike my last 2 sims, Hector and Jose, these 2
sims aren't buddies and the biggest thing they
have in common is their spiky Peggy hair :P

So we start with Estevan.

Estevan is your typical Mexican guy. He enjoys
hanging out with amigos and partying. He has
ambition but is a mooch, which is the easier route
for him considering he is naturally lucky.

DL Link
- http://www.mediafire.com/?c75a9vc63zi9azp

Skin - 234jiao Asian Skins (Non-default)
Hair - Peggy (Donation)
Top - All About Style (5th row, 3rd shirt)
Bottom - RustyNail
Shoes - Myos (ShoesHightop002)
Piercings - skeletalscreams
Tattoos - newone08 (MTS2)
Sliders - jonha (MTS2)

Now we have Dean Slives, pronounced (Sssl-eye-vuh)

Dean is a hot head, he hates when his last name is
mispronounced. He does have a good sense of humor
so he is amused when sims say it wrong... but more
so with the "you're stupid" view, rather than
"haha just a silly mistake" view. Dean is unlucky,
which is a bad thing because he is also a kleptomaniac.
Dean is a pessimistic simmy.

DL Link - http://www.mediafire.com/?kdeb4a2ke5bxp97

Skin - Subaxi
Hair - Peggy (Donation)
Top - Club Crimsyn
Bottom - Skysims
Shoes - Myos (ShoesHightop001)
Tattoos - Ambitions (Put together by me)
Body Hair - PanthroSamah (MTS2)
Sliders - Jonha


Westie said...

His last name sounds like Saliva. So, HA!

Coyadre said...

I swear I can read you.

I knew you were gonna say that!
I was saying it in my head, then I said "I bet someones is gonna say it sounds like saliva", then I though "It'll be Chocolaty Chocolate"

Hehe I gotz skillz :P

awesome_phoebe said...

Cute :P

And I see you has watched "Young baby bird bath" as well. I was laughing the whole time I was watching it xD

Coyadre said...

Jared is hilarious.

I love how he and his brother Shane are both funny, but in different ways XP

Westie said...

I should keep my thoughts to myself :P

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