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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Favorite piece of CC as of right now.

Like most of us who play the sims, I am a huge fan of some CC =D
I remember earlier this year I tried playing with just hair, and failed...

But anyway, I just had to make this known...

THIS, yes that right down there. This is probably my favorite
piece of CC right now. I have no reason why either.
It just speaks to me. I downloaded it about 2 days ago
and I have already had 4 sims with the style, only one
being female, who my cousin told me looked like a crack
head xP

It just fits the male face well some how. You know who
was also rockin this style for a bit (Who of you who are
frequent visitors know who who is) My cousin also felt
the need to tell me you know who was cute with that
hair. *Shrugs*

I just felt like putting that out there... That is all.
Now here's a random picture of who doing a backflip

Bye guys, happy simming! ( I felt compelled to use "y'all" but i'll keep it non-country for now :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Just a hello, how are you, and random sim fun time post!

So it's been a while. I haven't talked to many of you (My followers) in a long long time. I've been so absent :( But anyway, I just wanted to ask you guys how you were doing, what's been going on with you, your sims, stuff like that =D

I miss talking to a lot of you guys, tis very sad :(

This new interface is kinda annoying, or is it not new? I wouldn't know! I wouldn't know because i've been doing lots of school related things. I've applied to 3 colleges already! Be happy for me! NOW! Just kidding, but cross your fingahs for me!

And on a sim related note... I've been having a BLAST! I'm waiting patiently for late night but i'm still enjoying it for the time being. Mitcha has finally reached a net worth of $1,000,000 with not cheats and I have officially been playing him for 18 sim weeks and 5 sim days! That's a looooooooong time to play with just 1 sim isn't it!?

He owns half of the town too! I never knew you could make legit businesses until earlier today... I have everything planned out for Late Night. Mitcha is gonna own a chain of clubs and is gonna be the hugest celebrity EVAH!!!! Throwing huge parties and stuff. I'm gonna turn Sunset Valley into a metropolis or something. That should be very interesting shouldn't it!? 

I've also been experimenting with him more. Not his features persay, but obviously his hair n stuff. He has new facial hair too!!!! It wasn't that exciting, I was just trying to pump up the excitement... Oh I failed? Sorry :S
Mitcha got a hair cut!

Just a random picture
OMG it grew :O

I also forgot to mention, I downloaded that new jail cell thingy from MTS2 and decided to try it out on 1 unfortunate little simmy. Lets just say he wishes he never met Mitcha *Dun Dun Dun*
I wish I had pictures of the poor soul, but I don't. I recently tried to set him on fire but I forgot I have that thingy where your house won't ever set on fire. Darn it x(
So he's basically still in his cell slowly dying...
Sounds sick when you look at it like that xD

Goodbye =D

Here is poor Mr. Tortured Simmy dying... Poor Mr. Tortured Simmy, you shall be missed :'(

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Yet Another!

Well hello there. I came up with this idea for a new family and I had to get it down in CAS. That's what I do. I usually make the family in CAS even if I don't make them a household and move them in and stuff. Freelanced sim making is entertaining :D

But anyway the idea for this family was a rich elderly couple with a resident in-house butler. I came up with Marty, Gladis, and Gregorio.

So, Who's ready for back-story time!?

I am!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so Marty Greene (The old man) is a very important politician in the Sim community. He has made a career out of being kind, generous, and giving to the people. He is well liked and popular with many. Gladis Greene is of course Marty's wife. She is a former teacher, but now spends her days reading, drinking only the finest nectars, reminiscing with old friends, and the thing she is best at, being rude. Gladis is a very head-strong individual. She is always right and is better than everyone else. She loves to let this be known to, Gregorio La'quia, their butler, a 19 year old former drifter born to French immigrants. He on the other hand was born in Twinbrook. Gregorio has been working for the family since he was about 17 years old and looks at them almost as a family considering he doesn't have one of his own. Marty and Gladis don't know much about Gregorio but he is very obedient and helpful to the Greenes' in their old age. Marty treats Gregorio like son while he is treated more like a lap dog by Gladis. She also pretends she can't understand him when he mispronounces things due to his almost completely inaudible French accent. Despite this he still treats her like he treats Marty, like a parent. The three live in a 3 bed room Mansion in Sunset Valley.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Really Sims 3? Why you gotta do me like that!?

As many of you know, I have a very unhealthy parent like relationship with my sim Mitcha. He's my sim child.

Well here's even more proof to that fact... I have played the same day with him 3 times now... 3 TIMES!

I know you probably don't understand what I mean by this so let me explain. Last night (Saturday night for those who read this after Sunday) I was playing with him. I had actually had the game up ALL day saving it and minimizing it to do other internet stuff and go to the market and all that jazz. It was about 7:30 when I went to save again, but it was different this time. Instead of taking the normal minute or so I left it for 2 hours! 2 hours... I waited for a half an hour, took a shower, waited more, went to pick my grandmother up from work and it was STILL saving. After all that I said f*** it (or forget it, for the G rated eyes and ears) and task managered it away :'(

I think I had lost 2 whole days. I had throw a party, did some concerts, did some autograph signing, purchased the salon thingy, collected my money from all the business that he owns :'(

Sad sad times... I stopped playing for the night. So this morning I was over it (I wasn't that sad... Some of you may not know but i'm extraordinarily sarcastic.) I started up my little game clicked Mitcha's save thingy and waited while listening to some "Auto-Tune The News" (AKA the best thing on this planet) Mitcha was sleeping and it was Saturday afternoon (in sim time) He had apparently threw a party so I finished that up, went to do some concerts and autograph signing like I did last night (or Saturday Night in real time.) But when I got him home I saw his house had a cool room thing on top. I was gonna put stairs to it but I couldn't so then I got the great idea to make him a basement hangout for his party goers... Bad idea. I click on the basement thing and low and behold, youtube it staring me in the face T_T

Wow. This game really wants me to hate it. So what do I do then? I pick up the pieces AGAIN, and start over from that day. This is the third time i've had to play this day. But like I always say, Mitcha is my favorite sim ever so i'm dealing with it xS

But anyway, happy thoughts!

Here is Mitcha about to, wait a minute... I wanted
to clear this up because I feel like the spelling of
his name is misleading because the pronunciation of
it is kinda different. Therefore for all of you who
didn't know or even cared... Mitcha's name is
pronounced (Mee-ch-uh) Now that we have that
out of the way...

Here is Mitcha about to woohoo a sim that has
red hair... just like Chocolaty Chocolate, or "Westie"
(But mostly Chocolaty Chocolate!) It's not you
though, you are too faithful to Gropie!

This is Mitcha's mom. She's kinda irrelevant but
here she is anyway :P

Mitcha gave a ghost an autograph. Awesomez!?

He also went to France. This is the only picture
I took while he was tomb raiding.

Also. He's back to his natural roots. He looked
like too much of a tool with blonde hair xD

Saturday, September 18, 2010


So yea, my game has been saving for the past 30 minutes.


Edit: So yea, it's been an hour...

Friday, September 17, 2010

Life is stressful.

So here I am, again, taking a moment out of my extremely busy life (Sarcasm) to make a blog post xP

Life's not really as busy as it is stressful.
*I'm trying to handle 3 classes this semester (And all the projects, classwork, and homework that come with them)
*Trying to make sure I do good on everything (No going great so far)
*Applying to colleges
*Stressing about possibly not being sufficient enough to get accepted
*Stressing about doing everything I need to do to get accepted
*Trying to figure out which scholarships i'm eligible for
*Trying to stay optimistic about being a senior although I dislike a good portion of the class as a whole
*Trying to stay close to friends I never get to see or talk to

And other things like that...

My real life and my sim life are disagreeing with each other. I wake up every morning at 6:40 and leave at 7:20ish. I remember being able to play the sims every morning... But now I have to get ready really quick, feed Rústico, do any work I didn't do the night before, and get going! I go to school for about 6 and a half hours and I get home at 2:50ish and i'm so tired all I want to do is check my e-mail, eat lunch (Cuz I hardly ever eat at school) , and go to sleep or rest. Then I clean up, do homework, watch tv for about an hour or so, and go to sleep... As you can see, there's no sims in there really :(

But on the bright side *Looks for bright side for a few moments* Ohh... There really is no bright side :P

So yea, that's what's going on in Coyadre land lately. Cross you're fingers for getting accepted to college for me xD

EDIT: There is a bright side, this is it!

These are the best things ever (Except the stupid snicker doodle one to the left) They are so amazingly good! I had 4 the other day... Not all at once, but over the course of 2 days... and ice cream... And I had a vegan snickers bar xD It's a shame THAT was the highlight of my week :S

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mah New Simmies

I don't know why but I felt the need to make a household of sims instead of just 1 sim like I normally do. Break out of my mold a little bit.

These pictures (imo) aren't that great because it was night time and I think the lighting looks kinda bad at night time but what ever :P

These are my 3 new sims Jeter-Jasper, Talaha (Tah-lah-hah), and Darell.

I want you guys to guess who is who :P

"Muscular One"

This is "Hat One"

And "Tiny One"

Here is a brief back story for you. (Yes I made an imaginary back story for my sims...)

Muscular one and Hat one where roommates in fake Sunset Valley college and have been friend since. Tiny one is a high school friend of Hat one. Hat one randomly introduced the two one day and they surprisingly got along. After fake Sunset Valley college Hat one and Muscular one lived together as roomates while Tiny one finished college (He is younger). Muscular one went to fake Sunset Valley college for business but is striving to be a star athlete instead. Hat one wants to be a rock star but Coyadre is mean and has too many rock star sims already. Therefore he is going to work at the supermarket or something stupid like that. Tiny one studied to be a teacher and is going to start at (I know this is not what it's called but what eva lol) Sunset Valley District School. Just getting out of college Tiny one has decided to move in with this two buddies in a new three bedroom house. Ohh the bromance that shall proceed... Not that kind, but a nice healthy man on man friendship... That didn't sound any better did it...? Well you know what I mean. Or do you?

But anyway... Go guess who is which now... Or I hurt you.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm Sick

So i'm sick... Sick as a "Douwg" as my Grandmother and mother would say in their strange accent that I only have a tiny bit of...Were not going into that. They also say "Tager"... Guess what animal that's supposed to be....

But i'm glad I don't have to go to school tomorrow(Tuesday). Elections, yay :D

So yea I have no idea what to do with myself. I've been listening to the best music ever for the past couple of hours. Florence and The Machine, Sean Kingston, Nicki Minaj, Kany Garcia, Auto-Tune The News, Andrew Gregory, Shakira, Jeremih, Norah Jones, Keke Palmer, Solange Knowles, you know... The usual.

I have pledge that "Letting go" by Sean Kingston ft. Nicki is my song of the month, it is the successor of Rick Ross' "BMF". I have listened to it at least 20 times tonight "Ay yo Sean, you mista King-stan". I love the little Caribbean beat, reminds me of Puerto Rico :'(

But anyway, to make this sim related... I still don't know what kind of stories to do :S

It seems like that's what the majority of people who voted want. I've been wanting to do something story like with the sims for a while but I don't know what. Maybe when Late Night comes out I can unleash my secret plan of awesome *hehehe*

But in other Coyadre newses... I've been playing with the bestest sim ever. Mitcha. So entertaining he is...

If you can't tell, he's taller than he was last time
put some pictures of him on here thanks to
Chicago, yes, thee Chicago :D

Also he is a blonde now... A platinum blonde.

I basically have him run around town all day
doing concerts, buying businesses, collecting money,
playing guitar in the park, throwing parties
and schmoozing. What fun xD
Wait till Late Night...

Because the little guy is so busy he doesn't have
time to go home much... so he sleeps on his park
bench. This sim is literally like my virtual child.
I would set a sim on fire for him, then make
Grimmy his b**** if he wanted me to. XP

Oh the things i'll do for my virtual children...
*I'm not crazy*

Friday, September 10, 2010

Just a little sometin' simthin'

Just have a few little things I wanna talk about this lovely evening.

First, today was a very long day! A few of you have seen pics of my little puppy Rústico. I had to take him to the vet earlier. He needed his rabies shots, and he needed his ears look at. He was surprisingly well-behaved. Even though the car ride scared him, he didn't want to get out of the backseat floor, he wouldn't go in the building, he wouldn't get on the scale, he almost fell off the doggy table, etc. Other than that it was pretty good. He's 35 pounds O.O He's very heavy.

But also I wanted to thank Chicago for her awesome CC list! I hadn't heard of a couple of the things she had so I thank her for making them known to me. I love me some slider hacks XP

Last but not least I wanted to show off my sim i've been playing with for a while. Her name is "Tanya"

If you hadn't noticed... Tanya is a male sim, who is a woman. I felt like I needed a nice transgendered sim for my Sunset Valley. I had a woman who was supposed to be a transgendered male, but all the sims stuff (imo) already seems girly to begin with so she didn't look that manly. I definitely support the whole Trangendered thing. If you feel like you're more of a woman, go for it and vice versa! But don't underestimate Tanya, she's a tough simmie! xP

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I want Sim college :(

So it's me again. I keep making these sim/life story posts :S

But wait a moment: I'm thinking of starting back working on some stories since a lot of people voted for that in my poll. What do some of you guys want anyway? Continuations of a specific story, a totally new story, anything!?

Now back to the main point............ I got my first college application done yesterday and it's being mailed tomorrow :D Tis quite exciting for me! Only thing is I wish my simself could go off to Sunset Valley U and live it up :(

I think a college related EP would be a lot better for the sims 3 than it was for the Sims 2, even though I reallllllllly enjoyed it! Considering we have the seamlessness and all that stuff. But not before my seasons! Nothing comes before my seasons... Well except Adventures (Lame) Do-able careers (Less Lame, but still lame) and Clubs/Vampires/Bands/Etc (Super not lame, but still not seasons)

I shall continue hoping... And if you haven't answered my poll, answer it!!! It's probably right beside this post, or a little up if it's like September 14 or something when you read this :P

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

High School... And Sims... And High School.

Soooooo, hi! My name is Dré :P

But anyway, If you didn't know... I'm about a week and a half into my senior year of high school and may I say... It's not exactly what I expected. Soooooo boring. :(

By 11:45, i'm finish.

It's kinda annoying... and if you are a freshman I apologize, but you guys are annoying as HELL! And don't you "Those who are in school or ever attended a school ever" hate when you are walking down the hall and the huge stupid idiotically large group people in front of you are set to about a quarter of your preferred speed and so you try to go over to the side of the hall they aren't devouring but somehow they just find their way back in your way!? *AngryFaceAngryFaceAngryFaceAngryFace!*

But anyway, I was thinking... Maybe as another stupid EA idea like the up and coming "Medieval thing that i'm not sure is a sims game or not" they could make a school sims game. No? No. It would possibly be interesting, although i'm not sure too many people would enjoy playing a "sims" game about high school life... Or maybe i'm wrong :D

Just another "Silly and somewhat pointless" "Sims" game for Ea to think about... Ya know!?

Monday, September 6, 2010

I haz a Shiny Babeh!

Because of the wonder that is Subaxi... I have a shiny baby.

Her name is Esperanza.

Her parents are obvious shiny babeh haters though :(


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ohh thee Chronicles of Mitcha Moore...

So basically Mitcha is the only sims I play with anymore.
I still make sims and move them into the neighborhood but
he is the only one I find interesting enough to play over and
over. Must be because

1, he's a rock star -
2, he's the town *whore* so to speak (Which is always fun)
3, he's like one of my first sims ever xD

He's just so hilarious to play with... He is guaranteed entertainment!

He makes funny faces ;D

I figured he needed new hair. How's that for style!

I did change it this morning. And he was also given some
plastic surgeries if you couldn't tell. I made his face more
heart shaped and I made his bright eyes darker! Now he
doesn't look like a serial killah!

He also rides a motorcycle. How cool right. I love that face.
I wish simmie's hair would blow in the wind... Sims 4? :(

I have noticed that Creepiness is attracted to him.
Creepiness is that guy's name... He is creepy.

But I did give him a simple little make-over. Isn't "it" just
gorgeous? *Cough*Sarcasm*Cough*

The maid has also developed a very unhealthy attraction
to my poor little Mitcha. When ever there is a love groupie
over he get's jealous and stares... Poor maid guy :(

He can be seen here creepily staring at him while he sleeps
and dreams of not getting engaged.

Mitcha then woke up and after he made the bed he did
that weird creepy smile thing.

Mitcha: Do. Not. Want!

I gave Mitch another "make-ova" earlier... Just imagine him with TONS of tattoos and shorter "emo" like blonde hair :P

Oh my *Religious Figure* I love him
(As a sim... not for real cuz if it were for real... that'd be pretty weird... Ya know...)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Oh my great be*Religious Figure*

Uuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh! I just finished cleaning up and organizing my CC... I am sooooo exhausted. I figured it was time to get everything together because it was a mess before. Now I have categories *Does categories dance* i'll explain to you how it's done later...

I have a Patterns, Hacks, Clothes, Skin, Hair, and Other folder. I have soooooooooo much junk... It's a shame, but i am relieved I finally decided to do it. It takes so little to make me happy xD

BUT another really great thing I am excited about is... I got this great college offer! Scholarships, free admission fee, all that great stuff that now my family doesn't have to pay for! Also, I fit the admission requirements and my SAT score was beyond what they considered for admission. I think I really might go there if they accept me! It's a private university in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, US. Cross your fingahs for me por favor!

Well that's really all I wanted to talk about today
My name is Coyadre
and you've just been dre'd in...
( Sxe Phil reference for you all xD )

Thursday, September 2, 2010

So yea. and YEA!!!!!!

So i'm back after a small blog vacation with some small news that probably won't effect you in any shape/way/or form. I deleted my other blog, yes, it's gone forever. I know you are so pained and heartbroken, but tis gone. Now i'm back to solely posting on this here blog :D

In other Coyadre news i've hit 5,740 page views! It's not really an "even" milestone but I figured it was shout out worthy... So yea. xD

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