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Friday, July 22, 2011

Tennesse Coye

So here I am again with another upload. I've been busy so i've been letting my blog do its own thing lately. But not too busy to drop in with a new sim!

I made Tennesse a long time ago but with a different name. I stopped playing with him though and left him in my CAS bin to rot away. That is until today!

Tennesse is a simpleton plain and... well... simple. He's childish, loves jokes, and is a klutz! But on the other side he loves music and aspires to be the front man of a band someday.


Download Link here

Hair - Converted by me using the CTU tool @ MTS2 
Pants - amBottom004

The Eyes are by Subaxi - subaxi_etoileyes_replacement.package. I can't find them on any official site.
Same with the eyebrows by twilight - AsianEyebrows1_by_twilight.package


Sackgirl said...

I love him, he is really cute. I hate uploading sims, i am very lazy when it comes to listing custom content, which is why all my sims are uploaded with EA hair and default skin. Tennesse will get a good home. He looks like a fun character to play. So let me hit that download button.

Coyadre said...

I hate uploading too! It took me forever to get him uploaded and its HOT where my computer is... Really HOT! But thank you, I hope you enjoy him.

hyeraju said...

He's beautiful and I would like to download him but the link doesn't work :/ It says on mediafire that it is a ".sim" pack..but shouldn't it be a sims3pack or a sims 3 package?

Coyadre said...

@hyeraju - It's not broken, it's a sim file. You put it in your SavedSims folder (which is inside your sims 3 folder). Once you put it in there it shows up in the CAS bin automatically XD

hyeraju said...

ohh okay i feel stoopid. but thanks!

Mimz Fields said...

Nice. I can't manage to make male sims, for unknown reasons. I had the same problem as hyerju and i felt suuuper dumb when you anwsered, but thanks. Really nice..

Coyadre said...

I think i'm the opposite! My female sims are always so weird or plain looking. That's why I have so few uploaded :P

Anonymous said...

he's gorgeous! but the link for the hair is female D8, unless I'm mistaken?

Coyadre said...

Yes his hair is female. I converted it in my game using this http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=364926

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