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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Some Late Night Stuff :P

 So i've been enjoying Late Night for the most part. It's hella glitchy but i'm living with it, waiting for a fix. I've finally got everything straightened out and stuff so I figured i'd just show some of my new sims i've been playing with :D

This is Michelle Flores, party girl and TV actress!

I'm still playing with Devin although I changed his hair to brown. I just preferred my sims with dark hair for some reason

I've started using the default EA skin now with the faces by Ephemera. I like the new sliders they added in so I figured why not use them! My game seems to be running better too now that i've cut out a lot of my CC clothing and mods. I like a lot of the EA clothes added. Some of the men's wear is a bit tacky, but some of them are pretty cool! I guess i'm pretty content with my simmies right now =D

Friday, October 29, 2010

A nice feel good story for you!

So... let me tell you about my good, turn horrendous, turn amazing day!

Well as some of you know, I have a little doggy named Rústico. He's little but fat, he's feisty but lovable, and all around my favorite animal on the planet. I usually say goodbye to him when I leave in the morning on my way to school but I honestly didn't pay him any mind today. I went to school for about 7 hours and had to go pick my mother up directly from there. While I was sitting in traffic in the school parking lot one of my good friends came up and we talked for a while. She asked me how Rústico was, and I told her he was doing alright.

Yea, there's more to this story. So I get to the supermarket where my mother works and she has this look on her face and tells me she's coming (She's a cashier). Therefore I went looking for a bit. Then she found me and called. She looked a little upset and told me to her my keys. I was wondering why but I didn't ask. When we got outside (It's freezing cold) she says to me that someone stole Rústico! I looked at her with the most shock stricken face i've ever had. It took me a couple moment to let it sink in, but I finally had to let out some emotion (Yes I cried over my little Rústico) Not a hysterical cry, a man cry lol :P

So were riding along she's telling me about what happened and all that. She said when my grandma took her to work this morning she went to go look at him because he usually comes out of his house when someone comes outside or pulls up in the yard. She said he wasn't there, and they though he was stolen because people always talk about how cute he is and yada yada yada.

Anyway, we got home, I had a moment alone, but then I decided to go outside and look around at his little area and I noticed something, his collar was still clipped, if he was stolen i'm sure that the person wouldn't have took the time out to clip his collar back, so I figured he got out of it (It wasn't impossible). I knew he had to be somewhere, but I was still kinda distressed. So me my mom and my aunt head out to Staples to make copies of a flier we made. That was almost a 15 minute drive and $5. We hung them up at a supermarket first, then the police station, then the laundromat. Next we went hanging them up around our little community on telephone poles. We were doing one and we saw a lady with a dog in a driveway. They didn't think it was him, but I kinda did, so I took my aunt home to use the bathroom (We live right down the street from where the lady was) and me and my mom went back to check it out. We got down to where she was and we didn't see her.

So I went to turn the corner when I saw her walking right toward us, so I rolled down my window and didn't even have to say anything. She just pointed at him and smiled, knowing what I was gonna ask. It was him! I put it in park and jumped out of that car sooooo fast! It was my little doggy! I was so happy to see him and was glad nothing bad happened to him. So I walked him home and my mom took my car back home. Then we took the leash back to the lady after she gave us her address. We were very grateful she took him in and was trying to find his home. She actually said that someone told her we put something on the telephone pole so she was on her way to read it! Isn't that great!? There is hope for humanity after all :D

Sorry if that was too long :P

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Late Night - Epic Win? *Updated*

You bet your trasero it is! Here are some pic of what my new Late Night Simmy - Devin has gotten into :P 
I with I could play with Mitcha, but because I have to wait for the mods to be updated i'm using the any game starter :'(
Meet Devin.

Creepy Vampire lady at the bar with her kid O.o

After the party was over and Devin was wasted... he did that

And that...

Then I got him vampireised by that creepy lady.

My only problem is that this glitch happens sometimes. It's not too often so i'm living with it for the time being.

Then his lady was fighting the elevator

Epic Face.

Elevator/1 - That Lady/Fail

Do you have Late Night yet!? Are you havin' a good time!? I'm definitely not going to school tomorrow =D

*Update* He became vampireised!!!

Vomit is always great...

This was happening for a while.

His eyes... They changed

Pretty awesome right!?

My mother was gushing over him earlier... She has a thing for vampires "He's cute, I like him" MOM, get out of my face!!! yo ;P

Yay for (semi-non sparkly) vampire

Hehe and my staying home tomorrow has been confirmed by my mom and mi Abuelita!!
Double Epic Win! ;D

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Noah Moore =D

Yay =D

He look like his mommy with his daddy's eyes :P

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Moore Wedding *Tear Tear* <--- Those are tears you know...

So Mitcha and Jillisa got married this afternoon, a beautiful state of affairs it was. Since they took out the wedding arch from Sims 2 I don't really feel obligated to throw my sims big weddings like from the previous game. Why care about weddings when I have no arch of love? *Tear* 

                   The Day Before teh wedding... yo =D
Aww it's wuv!

She makes really epic faces!

               The sorta Big Day (Kinda... a little bit... not really)
She's rubbing off on him already

So debonair

Hehe gettin wasted before the wedding? Not a good idea :P

I know she's a plain looking bride, but i'm not intricate with my sims

She looks a bit melancholy :( Cold sim feet?

Worst Wedding Dress Ever.

Hehe Epic Faces continue.

Yes, they got married in the side yard behind the work bench!

Hey look, it's Tanya everybody!

I don't think she's happy with this matrimony...

Sim Love

More sim love

              Random pictures from after they exchanged rings :P
Lazy eye much!?

They both look mentally disturbed...



I don't think things are going too well :O

Or maybe (hehehe)

Ohh we'll see with these two... Where's my sim baby darn you too!?

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