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Saturday, October 22, 2011

More pets picture spam :D

I got a chance to really play today and took a lot of pictures! I'm loving it so far.

I had to make a little doggy. Forgot what I named him but he's cute a plenty. And I kinda like the clothes Ea added also!

Aww :D

Jesse and Aberdeen again

He got the hang of riding.

This wild deer was grazing in my yard. Figured i'd take some pictures.

Cotter being cute! I love the ear animations too

This is Jesse's girlfriend Penelope playing with Carpatha. She bite her lol

Here she is running the garden.

I find the fact that Cotter brings the newspapers kinda annoying, but at least Ea added some cool interactions.

Penelope is a natural

Random neighbor

A cute little raccoon that was in my yard. He swiftly ran away though :(

Ladys... never go horse back riding in heels.

They went to the new saloon in Appaloosa Plains. I kinda like the theme of it and the whole town!

Hideous bartenders.....

Cheers for Sims 3 Pets!!!

Sims 3 Pets!

Hello, i've been on a bit of a sim hiatus due to work and what not but I had to take time out to go buy The Sims 3 Pets, back my game and stuff up, install it, replace and remove necessary mods, and then actually play the game. 

So far so good I guess. I'm not having any noticeable problems or glitches and the animals add a nice touch of companionship for my sims.

Here are a couple screenshots i've taken!
My sim Jesse riding his horse Aberdeen.

Still in the training process though

And his dog Cotter

And last but not least Carpatha
 I wish I had more but I haven't had much time to play yet. Happy pet simming everyone :D

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