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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


This is my newest creation, my band, Dirty Damiens! I kinda showcased them a little bit on the Sims3.com forum when I first made them about 2 weeks ago asking who should play what. I figured that out :P

So now on this lovely blog of mine I figured i'd do an official blog post of their arrival :3
They are a rock band from Sunset Valley consisting of 4 members!

/Left-Right/ Tommy Boy (Bassist) Lenny (Lead Guitar) Milo (Piano) and Skip (Drummer)

Underarm in face ftw :3

Looks like Milo is punching Skip in the face :P

Skip is so over this!
Lenny is the band leader. He's a vampire. Lenny is flirty and outgoing. Likes to party and socialize. He's also a ginger :P
Milo is chill, but excitable at the same time. He loves to have fun basically. He's like the little kid of the band!
Skip, unlike his other bandmates, is very reserved. He's shy. Although he's shy everyone seems to love him. Ladies and all! Skip is perceptive of what's going on around him and is closest to Lenny as a friend.

This is Tommy Boy. He's a huge dope and is very lovable. He brings humor and good vibes to the group. He also plays a bangin bass ;P

There you have it... Dirty-Damiens! :D

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mitcha Moore and Miss Gaga!

So Lady Gaga has finally come to Sunset Valley and coincidentally lives next to the town shagger Mitcha! Lets see what happened!

So Miss Gaga had just moved into her new seaside villa, so I figured she should go meet her only neighbor.

Her only neighbor being my sim Mitcha. They hit it off nicely...

Then all of a sudden this happened. Mitcha's eyes are lol :P

Gaga Oooo Lala


Then some very expected Woohoo occurred.

She looked a bit disappointed
Then Mitcha put those vamp eyes on her
Gaga was trapped

Could it be love!?

Probably not :P

Gaga seemed happy though!

I guess Mitcha was happy too!

Ohh Gaga, still, no one can quite read that poker face... I know that was a corny joke! Leave me alone ;P

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Another attempt ends in Failure!

Of course i'm talking about The Sims 2, one of the greatest most entertaining and expansive games i've ever played! I love the Sims 2 with all my heart. So many countless hours playing with my good ole creations. But the Sims 2's older and less glamorous brother The Sims 3 has forbid me from ever truly being able to play The Sims 2 the way I use to.

I guess what i'm ultimately saying is I love the Sims 2, but after playing the Sims 3 I am almost incapable of playing The Sims 2 for more than a half hour. I have no idea why this is. I mean, I don't think The Sims 3 is THAT much better than the Sims 2, and don't think it looks THAT much better, I don't think the features are THAT much better, but something psychologically has me pulled into The Sims 3. Idk what it is, but i'm a minion of 3 :D

And since I don't post regularly like I use to due to lack of time, patience, and things to talk about, here are some random pictures of some of my latest sims and what i've been doing with them!
I was testing out that new Lemonleaf skin on this simmy of mine... I really don't remember his name (Like always) but I did keep the skin!

This is a sim I made the other day. Don't remember her name either... I really need to start remembering my sims names better!

Same sim

Same sim again :P

Mitcha with that new Peggy hair. I don't play with him like I use to... Shame :S

He's too shiny now. :S

My story progression sim Demarcos got married.
And had 6 children with his wife Mia O_O (All my doings though :P) I had my first set of triplets too! Mye, Myra, and Myli! I rememberd those names!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I iz very happy! I can finally take my computer in my room and have some quiet time when I play the sims and surf teh interwebs!

I learned how to tether my smartphone with my computer and wa la! No more router! I realize nobody probably cares... but this is a major milestone in my life :P

Friday, March 4, 2011

Sims 3 of Xbox 360! OMG :P

I got it a few days ago and I must say, although it's not Sims 3 for The PC, it's basic/generic, and the sims are as shiny and beautiful, i'm really enjoying myself playing it! I mean, at first I was like "oh... what ever" but then I started playing it over time it grew on me more and more!

In a way it reminded me of my experiences playing The Sims 1 on my old Xbox! It brought back memories of that! I've got my sims in a huge house and i'm about to start a little sim family with them. I definitely like the game! I'd say 8.5/10!

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