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Monday, August 9, 2010

David - The Homless Simmy

So a long long time ago I had this sim. I don't remember what his name was but he was this random babysitter NPC that I decided to make-over and play. I didn't really have anything interesting to do with him so I made him homeless.

I'm assuming somewhere in the mix I got bored with him and deleted him...

But today I was looking at old pictures of him and I was like "I wanna go play with him again!" Only problem is he was an NPC, therefore he was never saved to the family bin thingy :(

So there was only 1 option left... Make a new homeless simmy! I guess I chose a teen to make is more *dramatic* Idk, he's been enjoyable enough for the time being!

Okay, so I made David a tiny little lot here!
(And yes, I play my game in Español!)

This is David, he's from Twinbrook. David has
a very thick simlish accent much different from
those sims from Sunset Valley. He's a rebel of
sorts I guess. He's also quite dirty.

I didn't have anything for him to do yet, so I
decided he could at least fish so he could eat
when he got hungry

On his little lot he has that little bonfire thing, a
football, a tattered couch, a dirty old chiffarobe,
a pistol *hehe* and a little picnic thingy.

I don't think he was pleased with the fish.

I can see why.

He knows were watching. I'm sure he's wondering
why i'm doing this to him :P

Then he was ready for some smores

It was getting late so I decided it was time for
a nice nap on the beautiful couch I gave him!

Then this guy comes. Steals my football. And runs away.

Now that i'm thinking about it I should've shot him,
but I forgot I had the stupid gun!!!!
So he got away... But he wasn't getting away
that easily!

David followed him here... Now we must wait.

And wait...

and wait...

and...... you guessed it

Pass out from sleep deprivation...

Poor David! I doubt i'll get the football back, but
I want revenge!!!!!! Maybe a nice cap in the face
will help David get over his stolen football

Ep 2 link



awesome_phoebe said...

Aww he's cute, I like him. Scruffy and cute :P

Any chance you'll put him up for download?

Coyadre said...

hmmm maybe, i'm quite lazy as you may know so yea :P

i'm just noticing this doesn't have a title... Silly Coyadre...

awesome_phoebe said...

Lol yeah :P But it's cool, I'm sure you'll get around to it.... eventually xD

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