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Monday, July 12, 2010

Cool Gangsta Clothes Simmy :D

I iz excited, I can finally make a cool gangsta
lookin sim with this CC I found :D

This is Tayvon, A sim I made a while ago.
I liked him, I just didn't have any clothes to fit
the character I was trying to create. But tis possible nawz xD


The shirt is from Myosaekui The Sims 3 (My new fav sims 3 site!)
I don't think the shirts are particularly new, but they were new to me!

His pants are from All About Style
Again, I don't think they're new :P

Coyadre is excited :D
I'm off to go play with mah gangsta simmy now.


firestar said...

I loooove gangsta sims! :P I'm off to download his shirt. :o

Coyadre said...

Now someone has to make some saggy jeans lol

That'd be nifty XD

CelSera said...

Thank you so much for posting the link to that site Coya -- I had never even heard of it!

Saggy jeans ftw, lol XD

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