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Sunday, April 8, 2012

It was nice while it lasted

Hello followers and readers of this blog. I just had to come make this post. I am no longer playing The Sims 3. I just can't enjoy it anymore. I've tried and tried over and over but I can't seem to find myself having fun playing it anymore. I've been playing The Sims 2 for the past few weeks exclusively and it seems like that's how things are going to stay. TS3 has become too hit and miss for me while TS2 has managed to keep my interest even after 8 years. Maybe when TS4 comes out i'll jump on that, but as for TS3 I just can't anymore. Not saying that I won't still operate this blog. Not sure how many of you are interested in reading a Sims 2 blog after subscribing to a Sims 3 blog, but yea, life goes on Sims 3 or no Sims 3 :D

-Until the next time I suppose!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The continued Chronicles of Mitcha.

Well things are getting sticky now...

It all started with some sim on Servo lovin'...
Mitcha being the love aspirating sim he is, is willing to woohoo with anything, so when he got a freshly made servo, things got a bit interesting. Much to Servo's disdain, Mitcha was smitten (As pictured above)

But with a little buttering up, Servo came around

Just looks at the metal frame and that shiny finish!

Then stuff got really...

By this point the feeling was rather mutual.

Later that evening for what ever reason, I thought it would be interesting to see how Servo would react to hot tubing. This is that reaction. I kinda knew this would happen, but curious minds need to know for sure.

Due to his noble nature, Mitcha was prepared to repair Servo, an electrical magnet, soaking wet after getting out of a hot tub, with minimal mechanical skill... This ought to be hilarious.

I told you so.


Well atleast he didn't die ;D

I just wanted to mention, if while playing the Sims 2 you never had a Servo, you made the right decision. These things are quite possible the most annoying bastard creatures to ever be put in a sims game. He was always breaking down, he didn't take care of himself, he would run amok in my house causing sleepless nights, and all the while he was virtually impossible to get rid of. Even when I put him at the bottom of this here late he would always find a way to re manifest himself!!! Damn you Servo! I'm so glad I had Rodney's death creator to kill him with. I don't regret my decision.

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