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Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Real World: Bridgeport (Ep. 4)

Previously on The Real World!

 After becoming romantically envolved with Nathan, 
Regina remembers Nathan's girlfriend back home

Naythiyn has a girlfriend bayck iyn Philly!  
I'm a houme wreycker or sumthiyn!

Leading to a fight between the two!
Look Gina, you knew I had a girlfriend from day one 
so don't stand there n try to act like this is all me right now!

As Ashton and Kierra's
romance heated up!
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Yo! I knew they had alotta built up sexual tension, 
but those two are goin at it!)

Chris' brother and girlfriend visited
Chris: This is my roommate Casidy  
Phoenix: nice to meet you ma' lady
Relieving some of her stress 
They just make me so happy, happier that I am here.

And Kierra laid down the law with Nathan

Nathan don't know it yet, but he bout to 
find out you don't mess with me or my b****es!

You best watch ya d*** self cuz 
I aint the one to be messed wif!

And Brent expressed his growing lust for Casidy.

You thank Casi's beautiful doun't cha!?

Casi's pretty in all but not my type at all! 
Too much drama outta that one.

Chris' crazy!


This is the true story!

Kierra: "B**** get outta my face!"

Of  8 people
Brent: "Where are we raght now!?"
Picked to live in a house

Casidy: Oh Heeeell no!
Work together!
And have their lives taped.
Regina's: "Are ya'll serious raght now!?"
To find out what happens
Chris: Oh my God you people are so immature!
Whiyn people stahp bein palaght.
And staht geyttin real!
Ashton: I f****in hate you guys right now!

All: The Real World: Bridgeport!
Hey Casi, are you going out with us tonight?

Yea babe, why?

Well I just wanted to let you know something before we left.

 What girl? You got me scared...

Well you didn't hear it from me, 
but Brent told me he had a tiny little itty bitty crush on you.

I may or may not have told Casi about Brent's crush on her!

Brent's a really cool guy, he's cute even. 
I'm just not sure if he's right for me. 
He's almost like a brother to me...

Kierra: Hello
Caller: (With Italian accent) Alo, 
Dis is teh senior director of teh
Bridgeport Modeling Company, 
Giovanni Da Cienna. Is Cory there?
Kierra: Oh yea, i'll get him for you!
Caller: Thank you!

Cory baby! You got a call!

So i'm trying to work on starting my modeling
career while i'm here in Bridgeport!

Cory: Hello, this is Cory.
SD: Hi, Cory. Dis is Giovanni Da Cienna, 
Senior Director ofteh Bridgeport Modeling Company 
and i'm really interested in setting up a meting with you 
and my Vice President, Debra Ups,
to discuss our plans for you!
Cory: Oh yea? That sounds great!

SD: So Cory, how about tomorrow morning at 11?
Cory: Tomorrow. 11. Sounds great Mr. Cienna!
SD: Alright, i'm looking forward to meeting with you!

Cory: Thanks you so much sir, see you tomorrow
SD: Alright, byebye.

Tomorrow? 11? 
I'm really excited about the meeting but I gotta party tonight!

I hope ya'll iys ready to giyt dan!

 So were going to the Prosper Room tonight, 
one of Bridgeport's most exclusive clubs!

Hey, can I get a drink over here!?

 Everybody's havin' a good time!

You got Kierra and Ashton in one corner

My boy Brent and Casi in the other!

It's gon be a good night!
Casi, you louk real beautiful tanaght 

Really!? Your so sweet Brent!

Whut kin I sahy? Your amayzyn!

 I already know how Brent feels about me, 
but I like the chase! I want him to come out
and tell me exactly how he feels!

 So i'm at the bar with Cory

And he's been drinking since we walked in the door.
I know he has this meeting in the morning and 
I don't want him to ruin such an amazing opportunity because 
he had 1 too many drinks!

So um Cory, tell me about this meeting thing you've got tomorrow.

Well, yea... it's like... a meeting... with like... Give me a minute.

Don't you think you should calm down with the drinking Cory?
I don't want you to have a massive hangover tomorrow morning.

What ever Chris, I got this alright. Go kiss a girl or something!

Oh well d*** Cory, I was just being a concerned roommate but
if it's gotta be like that...

Cory's comment didn't really effect because 
1. He's drunk
2. He's gonna regret this whole night in the morning, and
3. What kinda insult is that!? What is this? High school!?

Chris: Hey Regina, I was just telling Cory he needed 
to calm down with his drinking cuz he's got that 
meeting tomorrow, right!?
Regina: Yea yea
Chris: But then he's like "What ever Chris! Go kiss a girl or something!" 
And i'm like, you're the one who's gonna 
regret this night tomorrow, not me!

Regina: He realeh sayd that to you!?
Chris: Uh huh!

And you know, i'm not upset about it, 
I just don't want him to f*** up his meeting being hungover!

Yea but thayt's hiys dicishin, he diysrespect'd you 
n he's gonna feel lahke a dumba** 
tamarrah whiyn he's hungover!

 Kierra: Cory! Git out the street boy! It's traffic!

 I'm sick of people treatin me like i'm 2 years old or something...

Well ya knough somethin Cory? 
Iyf you would stop actin lahke one maybe we wodn't haf ta! 
Ur stayndin in the d*** street fur God's sayke! We jus doun't 
wantcha ta giyt hiyt!

 G** d***** Regina! Shut the f*** up! 
I. Don't. F***.**'. CARE!

 Louk! You kin be mad as ya wanna be but you best keep theym
 hands outta mah face!

 Look Cory, your drunk. Chill out.

 I might be, but i'm fine!
Brent: Cory, ur bein a real douche raght now...

Ashton: Well i'm pretty much over this... 
Anyone who's goin home with us better get in the truck. NOW!

These people just can't control themselves...
It's actually getting really annoying.

Rough night to night huh Cory!?
Cory: Uhh... yea...

Well just sleep it off. You better pray your not still drunk when you wake up!

huh... yea... right...

So Ashton, how do you think Cory's meeting's going!?

Well um... Cory's upstairs... sleeping...

 Oh wow Ashton... I can't believe you

ME!? Why me!?

 Your his roommate aren't you...?

 So it's my fault that Cory went out, got wasted, 
and missed his meeting  JUST because i'm his roommate? 
Casidy, I must say. You are the most ridiculous 
person i've ever met...

 Ayshtun, ignore hur!

 Oh hey Regina, how about you stay outta my conversation...
Oh? What? Thanks.

 You know whut Casi, I don't have not a d*** thang to say to you
cuz your the dumbist b**** i've eyver met.

Well while you two fight i'm gonna go wake Cory up.

Cory! Get up dude! It's 11:30!

Wa... What!?

Your a half an hour late buddy!

 Ohh my f*****' G**!

I can't believe i'm late! I feel like such an a**!

So I see the purfiyct opportunity ta shouw Casi i'm iyntrested!  
It is time for operation make Casi fall in love with Briynt!
Why! You loouk sow lovleh taday Casi!
Brent: Casi, did I eyver tell uh you've got some gorgus ahs?  
 Casi: Brent, why are you being to sweet to me! 
Brent: Cayn't ah tell a purtty girls she's purtty jus becuz!?

I know what Brent's up to, but i'm not caving for him!

Hello, I am Senior Director, Giovanni Da Cienna, and dis
is my Vice President, Debra Ups

 Hello, nice to meet you!

Nice to meet you two, sorry about the lateness,
it definitely won't happen again!

 I understand Meester Flozgjski, Everyone deserve 
a second chance but remember, Teh first impression is 
teh first impression! No one will want to hire a late model!

Baht anyway, enough with teh negativity! I have been reviewing
Your portfolio and I must say, it is quite impressive.
Thank you sir!

We are very interested in you Cory!

Yes! So much that we want to bring you back in a couple of 
weeks to do some courtesy shots! How does that sound?

Perfect, definitely! 

We have a very busy schedule... How about  in 2 Mondays?
Cory: Sounds great!

We are definitely looking forward to seeing you back!

I've been waiting for this for years! 
Now it's actually happening! 
I'm so glad I didn't screw this up...

 So I see Brent and Casidy gettin tiypsy, flirtin, n all dat n i'm like what!?

I unt know what it is but it's something goin on between Brent and Casi!

Ey Ki! Wanna drink!? Iyt's a special Teyxis recipe!

Uhh, nah. Not right now, i'll have some Texas juice later.
I don't wanna mess up ya'll's romance!

Casi: Kierra was just jealous of me and Brent! 
She was like soooo totally jealous... haha... right Brent!?  
Brent: Me n Casi are goin tuh make aht iyn the hot tub! 
Casi: Yea, were goin to make out in the hot tub! Like right now!
Hey roomie, i'm back! 
Ashton: Great! How was it!?

It was amazing! They want me to come back in a couple
of weeks to do a photoshoot! I'm so pumped!

 You not gonna be one of those "no pants" models are you!?
The last thing I need to see is you without your pants on, on 
a billboard while i'm driving down the interstate! I see that
enough here!

Dude i'll do what ever! I'll get naked if they want!

Beautiful Cory, beautiful!

So me n Casi are iyn the hot tub

n ahm defintly ready for thiys!

Uhh ohh fellahs, our boy Brent is about to do the naughty!

Ha he's finally puttin in some work! 

Yea... but with Casi. The single most annoying female on the planet.

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Them two is really goin at it for real! But i'm proud of mah country bumpkin brutha!

I decided to talk to Nathan about what happened with 
Brent last night since he's one of the few people who 
still like me in the house and Brent's his best friend in the house.

So Nathan help me out... I don't know how 
I feel about what happened last night.
I mean, we hooked up or what ever, but it's so weird.

Well it's obvious you two gotta thing for each other. 
He's just not super aggressive and you is playin hard to get
like a typical female!

Me Nathan? Oh no!

 Oh yes Casi, don't even give me that!

I just don't know how to feel cuz Brent is funny, and charming,
polite, and handsome, but he's also like a brother. Hell, he acts just
like my real brother back in New York!

So what your telling me is you hooked up with a guy that 
you look at as a brother, and reminds you of your real brother!?

I think you've consulted the wrong person Casi!

Casidy: Oh shut up Nathan!


Next Week on the Real World!

 Hey um Brent... I didn't wanna have to be the one to
tell you this. But me n Casi was talkin, and she basically told
me she wasn't feelin you like that...

I know Casi prolly didn't want me to tell 
Brent bout the talk we had... but Brent's mah boy. 
I couldn't just let em go out like dat!

 Oh really...

I really rispect thayt Nathan told me bout Casi trahin ta play me!
But what she dundn't know iys 2 kin play thayt game!

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(Sexual Noises)

Are you serious!? Brent is upstairs f*****' some whore he 
met at the club to get back at me. Obviously Nathan 
told him about our talk. Just two more people in the house I
don't respect.



firestar said...

Ohhhh snap. Drama!!! Love it. :D

Westie said...

Cory! Get out of the street!

That sent me to ROFLing.

I've yelled that before, just with a different name.

Coyadre said...

Hmmhmmhmm! Drama =D
Cory's a jerk face! I don't like him :P

Westie said...

They're all jerk faces. With speech liabilities!

Coyadre said...

You're kinda right. But it's usually that way on the actual show too :P

I do have some members I like more than others though!

Westie said...

The producer.

:P ;D

Coyadre said...

Hmmm good one =P

Westie said...

I used to like Briynt, but now I don't. Cierra and Ashton are my faves.

Coyadre said...

Briynt :P That's how my 8th grade math teacher use to say Brent! I would know, Brent sat right beside me!

Well at least you like somebody! That's how it usually is with me, you hate everyone but there are a few people that are somewhat likable.

Brent needed edge anyway ;P

Ebony said...


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